Covid-19: Vacation with newborn

Traveling now could put younger children at risk, especially with the spread of a highly contagious strain. But being in the house for almost 2 years already; makes all of us bored and poor newborn during pandemic they have little to no social interactions with people outside of their house.

With travel restrictions are now no longer available and more countries are opening their borders already, people are eager to go traveling again.

We can’t blame them for wanting to travel after being “trapped” for almost 2 years in their own house. Traveling is okay but for those with newborn might need to be extra extra cautious since the virus is still active and easily spread.

Also, i heard that there’s this new mutation of covid 19 called Omicron, where it is even more dangerous there’s almost no symptoms. Which make people extra paranoid and be more extra cautious.

Before deciding to travel overseas again,

make sure to prepare yourself, your family and especially your newborn. Newborns tend to be very sensitive to the new surrounding and there’s no covid-19 vaccine shots for below 5 (yet) so its safe to prepare yourself.

Here are the preparations that you might want to consider before travelling with your newborn:

  1. Do research of the country; how they handle their daily covid-19 cases in their country. What you should consider:
  • Check on their recent daily cases
  • Documents needed to enter the country (PCR test results, birth certificate, vaccine certificate)
  • Quarantine (If the country will provide with the 14-days quarantine, or you will need to arrange the quarantine by yourself)
  • If they’re still wearing mask and social distancing (Check on their latest local news)
  • If they’re taking lightly of the covid-19 or not (Also check on their latest local news)
  • To prevent the virus from spreading, some states are forcing travellers (especially those from other states with large outbreaks) to quarantine for two weeks or take a coronavirus test. Before you travel, do some research to see if this affects your family. However, regardless of where you’re travelling to and from, being tested upon arrival and refraining from non-essential activities isn’t a bad idea. Remember that any germs you take up at home or on your travels will accompany you to your final destination. Also, a negative test only says you were negative on the day you took it…you might still get infected. So, if you start experiencing symptoms after a negative test, get tested again!

2. Pack covid-19 essentials (bring extras just incase) such as face masks, covid-19 self test kits, hand sanitizers.

For facemask, always double mask to be safe. One local brand named Shapee introduce anti-viral reusable face mask which can lasts up to 60 washes!

Features for the facemask can be seen as follows:

For more information of the product and to purchase the facemask, you may click this link here!

If you’re still confused and have a lot of questions, you may refer to their customer service which is available weekdays from 9am-6pm! They’re very friendly so don’t be scared to ask.

3. Make sure that your whole family (above 12 of age) already fully vaccinated before travelling. Although your newborn baby is not yet qualified for the vaccination shots, make sure the other family members are fully vaccinated.

4. Always be fully aware of your surroundings, sanitize yourself and the place you’re sitting through.

Last but not least, travelling with a newborn baby might not go as planned as newborn babies are unpredictable, they might throw tantrums, caused you to cancel your plans for the whole day and especially with covid-19 where you need to be extra cautious.

Take your time and plan your vacation with your newborn and always make backups backups backups plans to avoid any unnecessary incovenience events happening to your newborn and also to yourself as a new mom.

Take care, stay safe and goodluck parents! Happy holiday!

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