Changes during pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences numerous changes. Some of these physical changes are evident, like weight gain and an expanding belly, while others, such as an enlarged uterus, morning sickness, and backaches, are well-known. A few bodily changes, on the other hand, may be unexpected and catch some women off guard.

Kim Trout, a licenced nurse midwife and assistant professor of women’s health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in Philadelphia, said, “It’s incredible how a woman’s body changes to support a pregnancy.”

According to Trout of Live Science, one change that often catches pregnant women off guard is an increase in breast size. This results in mothers needing to change their bra from the normal one to pregnancy bras. 

Shapee Malaysia has been a nursing and maternity product distributor in Malaysia since 2013.

Shapee Malaysia wants to make pregnancy and breastfeeding easier for mommies by introducing products that can help them from the pregnancy, postpartum to breastfeeding stage. In this case, nursing bras that are suitable for mommies. 

What does Shapee’s nursing bra look like? 

Above is the video of Shapee’s nursing bra. 

New mommies tend to ask questions towards experienced mommies, such as: 

  1. Why should I change to a nursing bra?
  2. When should I change to the nursing bra?
  3. How does the nursing bra work?
  4. Who should wear the nursing bra? Is it only breastfeeding mommies?
  5. Where can I get the nursing bra?

And the list goes on.. 

“During pregnancy, a woman’s breast size and bra size may fluctuate multiple times,” Trout added. “For some women, this is a refreshing shift.”

The answers to those questions would be:

  1. Because your body experience changes throughout pregnancy and post-pregnancy as well.
  2. Right after you notice there are changes towards your body.
  3. You may refer to the video above on “how does the nursing bra works” and the functions of the nursing bra.
  4. Preferably for mommies as it is called “nursing” bra. But Shapee currently have another nursing bra called “Sassy Bra” which is suitable for those who planned to use Shapee for their sports bra.
  5. You can get your nursing bra from Shapee Malaysia at their official instagram: @shapeemy or Shopee: shapeemy.os or their website: theshapee.com  

Worry not mommies! Body changes, emotional changes during pregnancy is totally normal and its not something to be ashamed for.

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