Things You Need For Pregnancy and Baby Care.

There’s a lot to prepare as expecting parents. A lot of budget to allocate too! With the recent economy conditions, we understand how this must worry many new parents out there. So here’s some things you need for pregnancy and baby care!

Things You Need For Pregnancy and Baby Care: Pregnancy.

You would not need a lot of things during pregnancy but as your body goes through changes so does your wardrobe.

1. Nursing Bra

A lot of people may think that they only need to change into nursing bra after they deliver their baby. WRONG! If you are pregnant, you can start wearing nursing bra from week 6 onwards. Wearing nursing bras are definitely more comfortable than your regular bras and they also support your growing breasts. FYI, your breast can grow up to 2 sizes bigger!

Some people may suggests maternity bras for pregnancy and nursing bras for nursing later but both is actually quite similar! The only difference is that nursing bras will have drop cups. You can save some money here by buying nursing bras from the start.

Not only your breasts will grow in size but it will start to produce milk too. The growth in size is because of milk ducts being developed. By the middle of second trimester, it already start to make milk. That’s why you may experience leaking even though you are still pregnant.

2. Nursing Pads

When expecting leaking, nursing pads can be really handy. It’s like a cover for your nipple so you don’t have to worry about sudden splotch of wetness on your chest. You don’t need a lot if you are not experiencing much leaking. Every pregnancy women experience it differently but having a box around can save you from some embarrassing moments!

3. Breast Thermal Pads

Milk production starting means your breast is filling up. So what happens when it is full? Two things may happen: first, you may experience leaking and second, you breast can become engorged. When breast becomes engorged, it can be very painful. Some mothers shared that they even get feverish from trying to endure the pain.

So, we recommend Breast Thermal Pads. It is convenient, simple, and a total life saver when breast engorgement happens. You can also apply thermal pads later when you are breastfeeding to help with your milk flow.

For more info on breast engorgement, read here:

Things You Need For Pregnancy and Baby Care: Newborn

Before your baby arrives, here are some things that you will need later that can help make caring your baby a whole lot easier.

1. Breastpump

For a working mom, this is a necessity. Pumping your breast has many benefits for instance help to increase milk supply, and relief breast engorgement. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you can also use breastpump to express milk when your baby is sleeping or when they are full, for example. Then, the expressed milk can be stored safely for the next feeding time. There are many different types of breastpump so choose one that fits your budget!

2. Milk Storage Bag

If you are planning to breastpump, then you will definitely need milk storage bags. Wondering if you can use other alternatives? Yes, you can. Bottles or jars can be used to store your breastmilk too. However, you must make sure that once you open it, you have to used all of it for your feeding. This is to ensure that the nutrients in the breastmilk is well preserved. Maintaining the breastmilk at constant freezing temperature is also one of the ways to preserve the nutrients. Hence, taking the bottle or jars in and out of the freezer may not be ideal.

Milk storage bags comes in variety of sizes. You can use it to ration according to your baby’s appetite. For example, if your baby has a small appetite, then a 5oz milk storage should be enough. That way, every feeding time, you only need to thaw one milk storage bag without having to compromise the other bags of milk.

3. Baby Changing Pad

Changing pads can be really handy during diaper change. Sometimes wiping your baby clean can be messy. Changing pads make it easier to clean up after. Some changing pads even comes with cushions to keep your baby in place (for the active ones), others have built in pockets that you can store all the creams and ointments. With this, you can change your baby’s diapers on any flat surfaces without worry.

4. Baby Bathtub

Having a baby bathtub can make bathing your baby more efficient. Especially for new parents, to bath your baby for the first time can be nerve-wrecking. Some baby tubs comes with a seat to make it easier when positioning your baby.

5. Milk Bottle

This is definitely a need! If you find that you are not producing enough breastmilk, you may have to supplement it with formula. Thus, you will need a milk bottle. Milk bottles comes in variety of size and shapes. Some are even made catering to stages of your baby. The rule of thumb in buying the best milk bottle for your baby is to check for your baby’s approval. You may have to go by trial and error for this. So, make sure not to stock up on baby bottles until you are using it and if you wan to stock up, be sure not to buy the same bottles. Buy different designs in case your baby does not like one or the other.

6. Newborn Diapers

Stocking up some diapers is a good practice. You may go through about 8-10 diaper change per day which brings you to about 300 diapers a month! So, make sure to take this into your budget.

7. Infant Car Seat

For your baby’s safety and also your comfort, having an infant car seat is a great deal during this day and age. Here’s more on what you should look for when buying an infant car seat:


Things You Need For Pregnancy and Baby Care: 6-12 Months

When your baby turns 6 months old, they should be ready to be introduce to solid foods. In this new stage, here are some things that you will find handy!

1. Bib

Bib is handy not just during feeding. In fact, you can use from the beginning! Bibs are a necessity because not only it protects your baby’s clothes from the food mess, but it can also protects from drools. If you find that your baby is drooling, you may want to wear a bib to avoid getting drool rashes on the chest.

2. High Chair

Why high chair is important? Other than keeping your baby still while you prepare the food, it makes it much more convenient for your baby to join the rest of the family when eating. Getting your baby to eat together with the whole family allows them to learn by watching others eat. You will see your baby learning to pick up their food and enjoy it faster this way than when you are feeding them.

3. Firm Mat/ Crawling Pad

When your baby starts to show signs of crawling, you may want to prepare a crawling pad for them. It is to create a safe environment for your baby to development their crawling technique. The crawling pad is a good

4. Teething Toy

It is about this time that your baby’s teeth are starting to sprout out of their gums. You can expect a lot of drooling and your baby may even feel a little discomfort because of their gums. A cold teething toy can help elevate the discomfort.

That’s it! That is all the things you need for your pregnancy and baby care. Hopefully this list will make it easier for you to reserve some budget and essentially make your motherhood journey smooth and enjoyable.

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