Once A Mother Is Born: Dr Zilal Saari Shares Her Story.

When we talk about motherhood journey, every mother goes through different odysseys, experienced different moments, but all those moments are indeed precious and memorable that it will last a lifetime for each and every mother. Sharing our motherhood moments is like strutting down memory lane and we can’t help to get a little teary.

Simply looking at our children’s cute little faces and all the moments from birth until now just flooded our minds and in that very moment our heart seems to beat only for our child and we whisper silently to ourselves: “I will do anything for you.” Such is the secret vow mothers everywhere pledge their body and soul to.

Today we are sharing a story of motherhood by Dr Zilal binti Saari. Her story is taken from her interview by Shapee last year. At the time of interview, Dr. Zilal was a mother of 3 expecting the fourth one. Let’s read about her story and understand how little things that mothers do have so much impact on their children’s life.

Unforgettable Pregnancy Moments.

“We couldn’t believe it. Me and my husband cried when we heard the news.”

The first moment we got to know we are going to be parents must be the most joyous news for many couple. Sometimes, this happy moment can be snatched away quickly. Dr Zilal shares that she was young when she got married. Her first pregnancy did not go smoothly and she lost her baby at 7 weeks. At that time, grief took over her. She was heartbroken but that did not stop her from trying again.

Finally pregnant for the second time 9 months after her miscarriage, Dr Zilal shared how anxious she was every month waiting for the news. She realized how pressured she was that when it finally happened, she could not believe it. The couple cried tears of joy once the result of the pregnancy test came in.

About Morning Sickness & Cravings!

“It was too long and I wonder if there was anything else I can do other than be patient.”

Now that she have three children of her own, Dr Zilal shares her pregnancy experiences. In the first three months of all her pregnancies, she was always occupied with morning sickness. Nausea, body aches, fatigue is something that she always had to endure during pregnancy but her last pregnancy back in 2020 was the worse. She had to persevere through 7 months of morning sickness!

Food cravings are also fairly common during pregnancy. Dr Zilal shared that her pregnancy craving is something that her husband must have had a hard time with. She did not crave for any weird food, however, the cravings definitely influences her temperament. She told in the interview, that if she crave for something, she would need to have it right there and then if not, she will cry like a child. Ehem future daddies, do take note!

Experience In Child Care.

A few years past and before you know it our little angels has grown out of their diapers. We, as parents, see how our children at one time needed us to do everything for them, now slowly doing things on their own. It feels just like yesterday when they took their first step, and said their first word. Children do grow fast.

Guilt of A Working Mother.

“We as mothers would go through many phases where we are troubled with guilt.”

Talking about child care, Dr Zilal reminisce little details of her experience raising her children. As young parents back then, she remembered how they were struggling financially but she always try to save money, even just a little, in order to treat her children. Every Friday, she would skip her lunch so that she can buy ice-cream and hotdogs for her children.

At that time, it was trivial for her but her heart wells up when her eldest child told her those are moments he remembered most. These simple moments are what children carry with them all their life. The little things that their parents do is what they appreciate, said Dr Zilal.

Knowing that, she could not help but feel guilty as a working mother. She expressed how she was unable to spend a lot of time with her children due to work. Guilt looms over her whenever she feels that she was not able to be there for her children in their time of need. Nonetheless, she did not regret working. She knew that she was working to support her children and all the time she did spend with her children, she made sure it was a quality one.

A Mother Is Indeed Strong and Resilient!

Thank you Dr Zilal for sharing your motherhood moments. We know there are many other mothers out there with similar stories of perseverance and sacrifice. So, tell us, what’s your story?

If you want to share your motherhood journey with us, email us your story to hello@parenting-circle.info

Watch the interview here:

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