Baby Size Month 9

The baby’s brain is developing rapidly during the first week of this pregnancy month. The senses of your baby will be stimulated after birth which will trigger a boost for brain growth. Baby is also increasing in size and weight which means your baby is getting chubbier. Also note that the plates that made up the baby’s skull is not yet fused permanently that is why a new-born baby’s skull is soft. The flexibility of its skull remains that way as to make way for its rapidly growing brain.

If the baby is a boy, the testicles would already be in place in the scrotum. Though there are some cases where not both of the testicles had descended into the scrotum. Unless your baby boy is premature or has a low birth weight, the baby’s testicle should descend in a few months after birth.

By this time, your baby would have recognized your voice because its ear is now mature enough to be able to send signals to its brain. If you had been singing some songs to your womb, chances are your baby is going to recognize it too after birth and those song may sooth her. Observe carefully and you will be able to see your baby’s movement. This is because the space in the womb is decreasing as your baby increase in size. The amniotic fluid is also decreasing because of your baby’s growth.

Your baby may be born any day now. Although a normal birth usually takes place in the 38th to 42nd week. Its ear is now more sensitive to hearing as the baby’s brain and nervous system is maturing and it is maturing really fast.

Also during this month, the baby is shedding its lanugo which are fine hairs on its body that helps to regulate the baby’s body temperature. At the same time it is also shedding the vernix caseosa which is the white fatty layer that covers and protects the baby. These substances will be eaten and process by your baby and will become your baby’s first stool after the baby is born. Your baby may also start to move down towards your pelvis if not, it is nothing to worry about.

By the end of this month your baby should be about the size of a watermelon which is about 46-51cm long and weighs about 3.2kg.

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