Baby Size Month 7

Your baby should be about 36cm in length and weighing about 1 to 1.8kg by the end of this month!

Your baby will add on more weight soon but for now, your baby is lean and long. Your baby’s hair will continue growing and its senses are also getting more advanced. Due to your baby’s developed sensitivity to sounds, it may react to sudden loud sounds. You will definitely feel its reflexes now. Moreover, your baby is now able to recognize both its mommy’s and daddy’s voice. This will later help the baby to bond quicker with its parents.

The lungs of your baby have developed its respiratory tree that will help to process air after the baby is born. Blood vessels that will transport the oxygen and carbon dioxide are being formed around the alveoli right now.

Your baby’s taste sensory are developed 100%. Now its teeth, specifically the incisor and canine teeth, is being developed deep within its gums. Also during this month, baby boys’ testicles will continue to descend towards the scrotum.

Your baby would be opening its eyes for the first time this week. Its eyelids will flutter as it sleeps. You will probably noticed that your baby may even have regular sleeping patterns by now. When asleep, your baby will be still with the occasionally twitching of its body but when the baby is awake, it will be actively moving and flexing its body and limbs.

By the first week of your third trimester, your baby has developed its eyelashes. The baby’s iris is beginning to develop its colour and pattern, but the final colour is yet to be determined not until the baby is born. Within that week, a process called myelination is taking place.

Myelination is the process of coating the baby’s spinal cord and nerves in order to protect the baby’s nerve and speed up impulse transfer. This fatty substance will continue to cover the baby’s spinal cord and nerve for a year after the baby is born.

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