Baby Size Month 6

Capillaries are being form underneath the baby’s skin, making the skin appear darker and less transparent. Facial hairs like the eyebrow are becoming thicker and more obvious. You will be able to feel more and more of your baby’s movements as the baby’s kicks are getting more stronger now. From its movements, you can tell that your baby has its own activity pattern.

In the previous weeks, the placenta was bigger than your baby as it continues to nourish your baby but now, the size of your baby is becoming bigger than the placenta. The baby’s eyeballs are formed but her irises are still under development.

Your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid, giving her digestive system a little work out. Your baby will also start to excrete. Its excretion will travel through the placenta into your body where it will be processed to be expel. Yes, your body is processing excretion for the both of you.

If your baby is a girl, her mammary glands are being developed within this month. In the other hand if it is a boy, his testes would start to move to his scrotum from his pelvis. Sounds are becoming more clearer to your baby as it becomes more sensitive to it. You may even feel your baby reacting to the sounds.

All these while, your baby’s liver was responsible to produce red blood cells but by this month, the role is slowly being transfer to the bone marrow.

Your baby’s heart is beating even stronger now. The baby’s brain is developing fast. Your baby is also practicing her facial expressions inside your womb. At this point of development, your baby’s lungs have developed enough for it to have a higher change of survival if a premature birth were to happen.

Your baby should be the size of a cantaloupe right now. The length of your baby is about 30cm and it weighs about 0.9kg.

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