Baby Size: Month 3

Your baby’s heart would be almost fully developed with the four chambers been formed. The arms and legs of the embryo had already shaped the baby’s hands and feet with its fingers only beginning to sprout. The facial features of your baby have also become more recognizable especially the eyes and ears.

Also in this week, the nerves of its brain are starting to connect.

Facial Features Are Developing!

The features of the baby become more prominent like its mouth and nose. Also in this month, the baby’s nervous system and blood circulatory system is being developed, spreading all over the baby’s body. At the same time, the teeth are being formed inside the mouth. Your baby’s fingernails are also starting to be developed on the baby’s tiny fingers and toes.


The baby’s skeleton is formed as a tissue known as cartilage. In weeks to come, the skeletal tissue will go through a hardening process. By week 12, your baby is looking more and more like a human. Its reflexes and movements are also more refined. Even so, you still would not be able to feel its movement yet.

Big As A Plum

By the end of this month your baby should be as big as a plum which is about 7-8cm

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