Baby Size: Month 2

In the second month of pregnancy, your baby’s focus would be on developing all the vital organs like the brains, heart, and lungs. The placenta, while yet to be fully developed, are already able to supply the baby with oxygen and nourishment by this week. The baby’s spinal cord is also starting to form.

Your baby’s cell is divided into three layers:

  1. The first layer or the top layer will be where the brain, backbone, spinal cord, and nerves including the skin hair, and nails will develop.
  2. The second layer or the middle layer will develop into your baby’s skeleton and muscles together with the circulation system of the heart and blood.
  3. The third layer is where the lungs, the intestines, and the urinary system will be developed.

First Heartbeat

Your baby’s heart is beating for the first time this month, specifically in week 6 of your pregnancy. The limbs of your baby will also start to sprout in the second month of pregnancy which may look like Doraemon’s hand at the moment.

By the end of the month your baby’s size should be about the size of a kidney bean which is about 1.6 cm. Still very small so don’t expect any baby bump just yet!

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