Baby Size: 5 Months

The baby’s fingerprints and hearing are developing further. Its head is now proportion to its body. Inside the body, the skeleton continues to harden and the umbilical cord become thicker and stronger as your baby grows and is calling for more supply of nutrients and oxygens.

The baby’s head is now smaller than its body as it body continues to grow. Its ear shape is fully developed. Its limbs are longer than before. Inside its chest cavity, the baby’s lungs are branching out forming the alveoli.

The baby’s limbs are now in the correct length proportion to its body. Thin hairs are growing from your baby’s scalp. Its brain is also developing the baby’s sense of smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.

The baby’s movements have also advanced in a way that your baby now can do back flips in the womb. You may start to feel the baby’s movements unless the placenta is positioned at the front of your baby bump. In that case, you will feel the baby’s movement much later in your pregnancy.

Although you may not feel it, your baby is doing a lot of stretches and flexing. Vernix caseosa which is a fatty substance is being produce by your baby’s pores and during will be secreted in the third semester. The substance will act as moisturiser to your baby’s skin to protect her skin from pruning from being immersed in the amniotic fluid for so long.

Your baby is now the size of a grapefruit!
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