Baby Size: 4 Months

The swirl patterns at the fingertips, fingerprints, are now being developed. The genitals of your baby have formed, now you tell if it’s a boy or a girl.

Your baby has learned a new skill which is to suck. It may begin to suck the amniotic fluid or even its thumb. To breathe in amniotic fluid, which is good preparation for his improving lungs, he uses his swallowing and sucking skills.

The baby’s body is growing fast. The body is now more proportionate than before. The fetus’ arms and legs have also grown longer.

Fine hairs are covering its body to help regulate its body temperature. The brain is doing a trial run sending impulses throughout the body which also cause some slow eye movements underneath the closed eye lids.

As your baby begins to gain weight, it also starts to refine all the organs inside of its body. At the same time, your baby also starts to practice its natural skills.

The respiration and digestive processes of your baby are getting more advanced. The baby’s intestines have also developed and is in the correct position in its body.

The baby’s bones are hardening, and the growth of its muscle tissue begins. With better muscles and sturdier bones in its back, it can straighten more today. Every day, its legs, which are still short, is growing longer.

Your baby’s hearing abilities have also developed, and it should be able to hear the beatings of your heart.

Your baby is the size of a pear!

By the end of this month, your baby should be the size of a pear and yes you can see the baby bump.

The baby in this month will go through a massive growth spurt in the next three weeks, more than doubling its weight. As the size of your child grows, so does the placenta, which helps to support and nourish the fetus.

The neck muscles and spine of your baby are stronger now, meaning that its head is more upright. Now its grip may also have developed enough to be able to hold its small hands together.

The scalp pattern is beginning to form on the top of your baby’s head. Under your baby’s nose, a groove called the philtrum begins to appear, giving its top lip its distinctive Cupid’s bow shape.

The circulatory system of your baby is working completely now. The baby’s body receives 24 litres of blood every day from its heart.

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