Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects on Pregnancy

There are not enough data for medical officials to confidently say that the vaccine is 100% safe for pregnancy.

Currently, clinical test and research are being done on volunteered pregnant woman with the Covid-19 vaccine.

For those of you who are looking to get the Covid-19 Vaccine while pregnant, here are some recorded side-effects of the vaccination.

These common side effects are reported from the Pfizer Comirnaty clinical trial.

While this reported effects are not from pregnant women, knowing it may serves as a heads up for when you get your vaccine.

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Symptoms that you may brace yourself for includes:

• pain at the injection site
• tiredness
• headache
• muscle pain
• chills
• joint pain
• fever
• diarrhea

According to the Ministry of Health of Australia, as stated in their Covid-19 vaccine guide , they have two thoughts on covid-19 vaccination while pregnant.

1. Covid-19 vaccine MAY cause side effects in pregnant woman or the baby in their womb.

However, based on their understanding of the vaccine, no serious problems should occur to the mother and child.

In the other hand, other vaccines that are administered to pregnant woman such as the influenza and whooping cough vaccine does not give pregnant women additional side effects instead the vaccine help protect the newborns from the diseases.

2. Covid-19 vaccine may be less effective with pregnant woman.

It could be less effective than in non-pregnant women, however they have not seen this with other vaccines used in pregnant women.

Other vaccines routinely given during pregnancy (such as flu or whooping cough vaccine) are equally effective in pregnant women and non-pregnant women.

For now, the lack of data makes it impossible for officials to determine the actual effect of the vaccine on pregnant woman and their baby.

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