Children and Vaccines: Covid-19

Vaccinations can begin from a very young age, starting early as from birth!

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It’s important for us to get vaccinated on time.

Vaccination is a preventive measure to protect ourselves from serious illness and diseases.

Right now, countries all over the world are administering COVID-19 vaccines to fight the pandemic.

In Malaysia, there are 3 phases of vaccine administration.

Currently, we are in Phase 1, where vaccination priorities are given to the backbones of our national health and defense system.

Vaccination Phase Plan by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health

After this would be Phase 2 and eventually Phase 3.

If you look at the diagram above, you may wonder where does children fit in here?

The answer is no where.

As of now, the vaccine acquired by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (KKM) is for public aged 18 years old and older.

Anyone younger than 18 years old are being hold off from taking the vaccine at the moment.

This is because the vaccine is not clinically tested on that age group hence there is still insufficient data to determine whether the vaccine is safe for minors.

Currently, clinical trials that have been conducted are for volunteers aged 18 and above.

For your information, a child’s natural immunity differ a lot from regular adults.

Their immune system responses to virus and bacteria differently following their age.

But do not worry!

Test are currently being run on Pfizer and Moderna for this age group.

The process of testing and research may take from weeks to months to ensure that it is safe for public use.

Usually for children, testing will take place in descending order, meaning the youngest ones will be tested last.

Hence, why it may take some time.

According to KKM, the government will provide COVID-19 vaccine for those 17 years old and younger when they get adequate scientific data is that proves the vaccine’s effectiveness and safety to those in this age group.

Until then, keep your children safe by following Covid-19 guidelines.

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