Is Vaccine Safe During Pregnancy?

Vaccines are one of the many ways that can help prevent diseases contraction effectively.

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Almost everyone can be vaccinated. Why ‘almost’?

Well, people with some health conditions or undergoing certain treatments are sometimes told to avoid vaccine or to wait for some time because the vaccines may affect them differently.

If you have these conditions, your doctor may tell you to avoid vaccination for the time being:

  1. Chronic illnesses or treatments (like chemotherapy) that affect the immune system;
  2. Severe and life-threatening allergies to vaccine ingredients, which are very rare;
  3. If you have severe illness and a high fever on the day of vaccination.

These past few weeks Malaysia has been abuzzed with talks of vaccinations.

More recently are the talks about the safety of pregnant women with the vaccine.

According to the country’s health director-general, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, pregnant woman and breastfeeding ladies are told to hold off vaccinations until more data can be gathered on the acquired Covid-19 vaccines.

This is not saying that expecting mothers should avoid getting vaccinated entirely.

It is only a precaution to ensure that both mother and child will not meet with an unwanted complication due to their condition.

Some medical practitioners believed that the vaccine is safe for pregnant women in their third trimesters as the baby has undergone all crucial development by that time.

Nevertheless, for now, priorities are given to those pregnant ladies who are more at risk due to their job exposure.

While the Covid-19 vaccines are new and still require more data, here are some vaccines that are safe for pregnant woman.

1. Inactivated Influenza Vaccine

This vaccine can help prevent influenza A, B and C.

It has a good safety record and pose no threat to both the mother and baby.

Medical practitioners advices everyone to take this vaccine annually.

This is because the influenza virus mutates easily and the virus changes from type to type every year.

2. TDaP Vaccine

TDaP stands for T (Tetanus) D (Diphtheria) aP (Pertussis).

These are names of diseases that can be prevented with this vaccine.

Pertussis or also known as whooping cough in particular can cause pneumonia, seizures, and the death of the baby.

Pregnant mothers are adviced to take this vaccine for every pregnancy in order to protect the child from TDaP after birth.

Getting vaccinated is important not only for the individual but also for the community as a whole.

So do your part and get yourself vaccinated!

However, we do advise mothers to always consult with their doctors first before going for any vaccinations.

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