Carbon Monoxide And Pregnancy

Surely we are all quite aware of the harmful effects of smoking and how it can effect fetal growth during pregnancy.

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Carbon monoxide is another type of poisonous gas.

This poisonous gas are found abundant around us as it is release by the exhaust of the vehicles we ride in.

When inhaled, the gas will bind with hemoglobin in our body which is essential in oxygen transportation.

It will then cause the hemoglobin cell to become impaired and unable to function efficiently.

Impaired hemoglobin will affect the oxygen supply to our tissues.

However, carbon monoxide does not show immediate effect.

So how do carbon monoxide effects your pregnancy and your baby’s development, you ask?

Long exposure to this dangerous gas can cause shortage of oxygen.

Lack of oxygen supply can compromise your baby’s growth and development which may cause your baby to be underweight during delivery.

Carbon monoxide is also known to increase the risk of sudden fetal death in the womb.

If you can avoid it, do steer clear of being outside of a running vehicle.

Wear a mask if you are outside on the streets.

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