Parents’ Guide For Diaper Rashes

Diaper rash is a fairly common threat.

It can be described as red patches on your baby’s backside and genital area.

Rashes loves to sprout at damp and warm areas which makes your baby’s diaper, the perfect place for it to cultivate.

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So What Could Possibly Cause This?

1. Your Baby’s Skin Sensitivity

Some babies may have sensitive skin.

If your baby has sensitive skin, their skin may react to material, fragrances, or soaps which otherwise won’t have an effect on babies with normal skin.

This sensitivity may cause the rash to appear as part of the skins reaction to the triggers.

2. The Diaper Is Too Tight!

Putting on the diaper too tight on your baby may induce diaper rashes too.

This is because when the diaper is tight, the diaper became less breathable which generates and traps warm air and moisture.

The warmth and moisture promotes rash growth.

Tight diapers may also cause the skin to chaff due to friction between the diaper and the skin.

3. Stool and Urine

Having your baby’s skin in contact with their stool and urine for too long may prompt irritation.

As a reaction to the irritation, rashes may develop.

How Can You Prevent It?

1. Keep The Diaper Clean And Dry

May it a habit to change your baby’s diaper every time they soiled it.

If you can’t, make sure to never leave it on more than 3 to 4 hours, especially for newborn.

2. Wiping

When you wipe your baby bum and genital, do it gently.

Rubbing the skin too harshly can cause irritation.

Choose wipes that are free of fragrance and alcohol as it could trigger reactions on sensitive skin.

3. Put On Some Barrier

Putting on a thin layer of barrier cream on your baby’s bum can help soothe and protect the skin from being in contact with irritants.

Best barrier creams should contain Zinc/Zinc Oxide!

Vaseline jellies can also be used as barriers but it may be a little harder to wipe off than the creams.

4. Air It Out

Before putting on the new clean diaper.

Give your baby’s skin to breathe and dry all the moisture.

Seek Your Doctor When..

  1. Your baby has a fever which may be caused by an infection of the rashes.
  2. The rashes begins to swell or blister.
  3. There’s pus and discharge coming out of the rash patches.
  4. Even after putting on rash treatment cream, the rashes didn’t go away instead it gets worse.

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