Low On Milk?

Do you find yourself feeling like you are not making enough milk for your baby?

Your baby’s weight gain is the best indicator in determining if your baby is having adequate milk intake.

Do note, however, sometimes it is not you, but it is your baby that may have a problem to suck in the milk.

There are many other indicators, for example, your breast doesn’t feel heavy.

But do you wonder what could be the reason behind your breast making less milk?

Well, here are 5 reasons why some woman experience low milk supply.

If you are one, please don’t be embarrassed about it.

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1. Insufficient Glandular Tissue

Glandular tissue are the tissue responsible for making milks.

During pregnancy, your breast will develop glandular tissue in order to prepare for milk production.

However, some woman may not develop enough of this tissues for adequate milk supply.

2. Hormonal or Endocrine Conditions

A lot of our body’s operations uses hormones as signals.

For example, your body releases hormones to indicate that you are pregnant hence, stopping your uterus from shedding.

Similarly, your body also uses hormones to signal your breast to produce milk.

Some hormonal conditions may cause your body to produce less milk.

Endocrine conditions such as having diabetes or hypertension can also cause your breast to produce lower amount of milk.

3. Previous Breast Surgeries

Your previous breast surgeries may cause your breast to produce less milk.

Whether for medical or cosmetic purposes, breast surgeries may damage the glands needed to make milk.

This is what may the cause for the low in milk supply.

4. Birth Control

Are you taking birth control medications?

Birth control pills have an effect on the body’s hormone production and regulation.

As mentioned before, hormones plays a huge role in milk production.

Your previous intake of birth control may be the cause of your lack of breastmilk.

You can consult your doctor or lactation consultant for advices on how to overcome this.

5. Breast Always Full

Whenever your breast is full, your body sends signals to slow down the milk production.

So, if your breast are constantly at full capacity, your milk supply will drop.

Hence, why you may seem like you are not making enough milk.

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