Tips For New Dads: What To Expect.

Are you expecting your first baby?

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Soon-to-be-dads is just as excited and anxious as their significant other too!

Like all veteran parents would tell you, parenthood is a new journey of discovery.

However, take all advices with a grain of salt as what others experienced may not be exactly as yours.

Before you get overwhelmed, here are some things you can expect with the arrival of your baby.

1. Intimacy With Your Partner

If you are worried if your relationship with your partner will change, well, don’t be because it definitely will.

After the arrival of your baby, you can expect less intimacy for a while.

It is most likely because both of you will be very occupied with your child.

However, we don’t mean it is forever this way.

Give it some time as you both hurdle together through the first few months of being a parent.

Saying this, however, does not mean that you can’t be all lovey-dovey when caring for your baby.

You both simply needs some time to re-adjust yourself to your new life!

2. Careful, They Are Fragile!

Some new dads may feel afraid to hold their baby and it is okay.

Unlike new mothers who have that built-in motherly instinct, dads may feel a little awkward.

Especially knowing how soft and fragile newborns can be.

Fret not, you are not alone in this.

It may take a little practice but don’t be afraid to try.

Ask around about things that you don’t know about.

Your partner would definitely need you, now more than ever.

This could also be a great bonding moment for you and your baby!

3. Prepare To Be Tested

Your patience, that is.

Taking care of babies is a handful even for two people.

As you two work together to figure out the best ways to handle your baby and each other, expect to get tired, exhausted really.

Day in and day out.

Expect your baby crying at almost everything because that’s how they communicate to tell us that they are uncomfortable.

Your baby is hot, they’ll cry.

Your baby is hungry, they’ll cry.

Your baby’s diaper is full, you guessed it, they’ll cry.

Expect waking up at 3-4 am cause your baby needs your attention.

Expect feeling like giving up but don’t!

You’ll get through it, and seeing your child growing strong and healthy would be your proudest moment yet.

4. Letting Go

Leave your child with a caretaker or someone you trust.

Get together with friends or just your partner.

Both of you would need a break and it is ideal for you to get it.

#ParentingNeverStops but you can go on forever without unwinding yourself every now and then.

So, don’t burn yourself out.

Go out, take a rest, refresh and get back to your baby!

Remember, you’re in this together so make sure your partner gets their fair share of break too.

5. Trust Yourself

All in all, you would know your child best.

Every little step you take taking care of them, you will learn how best to handle them.

Have faith in yourself as a father and enjoy your new journey.

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