Should I Expect Labour?

When To Expect Labour?

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Entering your last trimester, you must already feel anxious about the coming labour.

But you can’t be expecting every minute and second for the signs right?

Don’t worry!

Your body should be giving you ample signs to show that you are getting close to labour.

Here are the signs that you can observe:

1. You will start breathing easier.

As your baby goes down towards your pelvis, the pressure is lessen on your ribcage.

This makes you feel lighter and easier to take deep breaths.

You can also notice you are now experiencing less breathlessness.

2. You can eat more than before.

This is also another affect of your baby going down into position.

When your baby was growing in your uterus, it presses against your stomach which makes you feel fuller quicker.

Now that the pressure has been lifted, you may start to experience your food capacity has increase.

3. Your false contractions (braxton-hicks contractions) are more frequent and intense.

Gradually as you get closer to your labour, you may notice that you are experience more and more contractions.

These contraction even though are frequent, will not be as painful as the real labour contractions.

4. You may have trouble holding your bowels.

This is a result of your baby pressing against your intestines.

You may notice that your stools are more loose too.

So expect more trips to the bathroom.

5. Heavier Vaginal Discharge

If you have been having vaginal discharge throughout your pregnancy, you may begin to notice that your discharge is getting heavier.

This is a sign that your labour is near!

Doctor! Doctor!

If you are in your third trimester, your doctor may have tell you about what to do during labour.

For first time mommies reading this, you may be unsure about the labour signs.

If you are unsure, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to call your doctor!

Here are important signs that tells you to contact your doctor ASAP:

1. When your water breaks

When you feel the amniotic fluid flowing down, be it heavily or lightly, you should inform your doctor right away.

A burst of the amniotic sac means that your baby is coming sooner than later.

2. When You Notice Less Movements

You may have received advice to count your baby movements.

And yes, it is important!

Your baby’s movements are crucial to determine that your baby is safe and ALIVE.

So, if you observe that your baby’s movements are less now than before, do contact your doctor as soon as possible.

3. Vaginal Bleeding

Mucus discharge is not bleeding.

The discharge of the mucus plug is only a small mucus clump with a little bit of blood.

If you are experiencing bleeding profusely, do contact your doctor as it may means you are experiencing other complications.

4. Fever or Other Physical Ailments

If your ailments such as fever, headaches or visionary changes are sudden or becoming intolerable, you may have to contact your doctor.

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