Am I In Labour?

Being in labour means that your baby is coming!

Labour comes in stages, there are four stages in total.

The signs mentioned here comes in the first stage of labour which can be further broken down into three parts: early labour, active labour, and transition.

But before that, do note that each woman is build differently, your experiences of labour may be different from other woman.

Some of the things that may influence your labour experiences includes your pain tolerance, your physical and mental readiness for labour, and whether this was your first time.

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Here Are Some Signs That You Should Be Aware Of Because It Means That You Are In Labour.

1. Pain In Your Lower Back And Abdomen Becomes Persistent.

When your baby’s arrival is near, it means that your baby is in position.

Your baby will be lowering down from this point on hence why you may feel persistent pain in your lower back and abdomen.

The pain may often be accompanied by cramps similar to that of a menstrual cramp.

2. Mucus Discharge

This mucus discharge is known as the mucus plug.

The mucus plug covers the cervix opening, so the discharge of it shows that your cervix is beginning to thin and open.

3. Contractions Becoming More Frequent, Longer, And Stronger.

Contrary to Braxton Hicks contraction, labour contractions comes in a more frequent interval.

It also last longer and is more painful.

4. The Water Broke

This is one of the most popular signs of labour that almost everyone may be aware of.

Water broke means that the amniotic sac that holds your baby has burst.

The amount of water coming out of your vagina depends on the size and position of the hole on the sac.

It may come rushing out or it may trickle down softly.

Pain is becoming unbearable? You can check out this article on labour positions you can try:

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