A Long List Of Pregnancy Facts!

Here’s 10 Cool Facts About Pregnancy That You May Not Know About!

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  1. During the first trimester, women uterus can expand greatly about the size of an orange. At the third trimester, it can be about the size of a watermelon and in fact, the uterus can expand up to 500 times during pregnancy. 
  1. Blood volume increases to 40 – 50% during pregnancy. This increase helps with extra oxygen needed to support a healthy pregnancy. 
  1. With all the hormonal changes during pregnancy, there is no surprise that your voice can change too. This is because the rise in estrogen and progesterone cause swelling of the vocal folds. It will go back to normal after delivery or breastfeeding. 
  1. Baby can recognize their mother’s voice during the third trimester from inside the womb. By 25 – 26 weeks, the baby is more responsive to noise and responds in the womb. 
  1. At the age of 30, a couple has a 20% chance of conceiving whereas, the chance decreases at the age of 40 by 5%.
  1. Babies can cry in the womb when a sound is played on the pregnant bellies. Researchers discovered that they found displeasure expressions on the ultrasound. 
  1. The heaviest baby that was born in 1879, weighs about 22 pounds, unfortunately, the baby passed away 11 hours after delivery. Since then, healthy babies were born in Italy and weigh about 22 pounds, 8 ounces and in Brazil, a baby was born with 16 pounds and 11.2 ounces, respectively.
  1. Some pregnant women may experience gestational diabetes. This is when the blood sugar is too high and the pancreas could not keep up with supplying enough insulin. It usually disappears after giving birth. 
  1. Pregnant women’s sense of smell may be heightened as well in the first trimester. This could be a sign that you are pregnant. It can come in handy for pregnant women to avoid any unsafe foods. 
  1. Women’s private parts also can change colour too. Some women reported it turns into purple or bluish, which is known as Chadwick Sign. About 10% of women also get varicose veins appearing on their private parts but it would disappear a few weeks after delivery.

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