Preparing For Birth.. Part 1

Preparing for the birth of your baby?

Here are some things that you can do to make it easier and help you feel ready!

It is a great idea to do it while in your third trimester!

Doing these would be super helpful because not only it keeps mum busy but, it would really helpful once the baby is born.

With this list, you are able to stay relax and enjoy the time with your new bundle of joy because you had things planned beforehand. 

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1. Pick A Birth Announcement

You live far from your family and friends or showing off your perfect new baby, you can make an announcement to introduce your newborn.

If you have already decided on what you are going to do before your baby is born, then you won’t have to stress about picking a birth announcement after they are born.

2. Waterproof Bed Pad

It is not for the baby but for you.

This is to prevent the water break from ruining your mattress.

If your water breaks in the middle of the night, you have to leave quickly and the amniotic fluid would do damage on your mattress.

Instead of being nervous about falling asleep as your due date approaches, you can opt for a better option.

Investing a waterproof bed pad would really help you in case of emergencies.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

3. Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Babies are very sensitive to dust and wool.

Having weird stains and nasty smell from the carpet is not something contended.

You may need to clean your carpet before your baby is born.

You may feel at ease after seeing them rolling and lying around on the carpet after being cleaned.

You won’t have much time after the baby is born.

Get started now!

4. Pick A Paediatrician

If you don’t have a paediatrician, it might be good for you to look for a paediatrician.

You can ask your friends, look through online websites and see if your hospitals have any contracts with any local offices.

It’s much easier for you to have this done before you have your baby.

You wouldn’t want to get a minor panic attack when the nurse asks you who your baby paediatrician is.

Having a paediatrician is really good because you don’t have to worry about anything.

5. Wash Baby’s Clothes

It would be nice if you wash the baby clothes to avoid from having sensitive skin later on.

A baby skin may react faster than we thought, thus, it is better to take fast action than later.

You can have your sweet moment by washing their clothes.

It was fun to wash, fold and neatly place all of your baby’s cute little clothes.

Read part 2 of the list!

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