How To Breastfeed Comfortably

Breastfeeding can be exhausting but it is some of the sacrifices that mothers make for their little ones.

To some mothers, breastfeeding can also be tedious and awkward even painful!

If you are facing such difficulties, read on and try some of our tips to make breastfeeding a more enjoyable experience for you.

1. Find a position that works for you

If you cannot find a comfortable position for nursing, you can try nursing in another position.

Maybe you would be more comfortable lying on your side with your baby facing you.

Choose a position that works for you because if you are comfortable, your baby will be comfortable too.

2. Wear a comfortable nursing bra

Mom should find a nursing bra that gives you easy access to your breast but also provides plenty of support for them.

Some mom may opt by wearing a softer, wireless bra at night than going without a bra at all.  

3. Relax

Relaxation can play a dramatic role in breastfeeding success for most moms.

Before you start nursing, try this simple exercise for you to feel relax during breastfeeding.

Take a deep breath through your nose, hold that breathe for one to two seconds and exhale slowly through your nose for at least four seconds until you feel relaxed.

4. Pump your milk

If you are facing trouble with nursing, pump your milk can be a good way to continue feeding your baby with breastmilk.

This way, it also helps you to relieve a sense of frustration, sore nipples or any other issues.

Plus, breast pump technology has come a long way and now pumping milk has become easier and even more comfortable.

5. Relieve sore nipples

If you notice that your nipples are sore or starting to crack, try soothing them with lanolin or hydrogel pads.

These products can provide relief for your sore breast and the ingredients are safe for your little one.

Moms also can consider using breast shells to prevent the fabric from rubbing against sore nipples.

For your information, sore nipples are a sign of something that isn’t right, thus make sure to find the root of the problem.

You can correct it instead of treating the symptoms.

6. Make sure to stay hydrated

Before you start your nursing session, be sure to bring a glass of water to drink.

Staying hydrated not only help in maintaining milk production but it will also help mom if you feel thirsty during breastfeeding and you can’t seem to get up.

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