Rocking Breastfeeding In The Spotlight

Breastfeeding mothers should not stay at home with their babies all the time.

You can enjoy doing activities same as anyone else!

Breastfeeding is everything you need to feed your baby and is readily available wherever you are.

FYI, there are many mothers who are already perfectly comfortable with breastfeeding in public and this is a great scene especially for women who are not yet a mother and they will learn about breastfeeding when they see you.

While breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby, it is definitely understandable for you to feel a bit nervous about nursing in public, particularly if you have never done before.

These tips will help you to be prepared:

1. Know Your Rights.

Breastfeeding in public is legal and it is a very good thing.

At the same time, you are educating any young men and women who might happen to see you breastfeeding in public.

You are also nourishing your baby with the most appropriate food for their development.

So, don’t feel afraid to breastfeed in public, you are not breaking any laws!

2. Practice At Home

Practice makes perfect!

Try practicing breastfeeding in front of the mirror so that you can see what others see.

You might notice if you are showing too much of your skin or how much of your skin your baby’s head is helping to cover.

Find a suitable position that is best for you and your baby without revealing too much, that is if showing too much skin makes you uncomfortable.

You may also find it is easier to breastfeed in public when you are in a supportive environment for the first few times.

You can try to visit places where there are more mother and baby group or a quiet café with a friend rather than going to a crowded place. 

3. Choose Comfortable Clothes

You can buy nursing clothes that have hidden openings to make breastfeeding easier or you can put together nursing outfits from ordinary clothes.

A loose-fitting t-shirt is a good choice in casual situations because you can simply lift your shirt on one side to feed the baby.

Another benefit of wearing a loose t-shirt is that the fabric will cover most of your belly and breast.

If you opt for a button shirt, you may unbutton from the bottom or from the top to nurse your baby.

You can also wear a snug-fitting tank top, cut two slits in the front large enough and in the right position for you to breastfeed and you can wear that under your shirt, t-shirt or jacket for extra coverage.

4. Choose An Easily Accessible Bra

Most mothers will opt for a sport-type bra rather than having to undo a snap or fastening because they can simply pull the bra cup down to feed the baby.

If you are using a nursing bra where you need to lower the cup, it might help to practice undo it one-handed at home and keep doing it at home.

Keep this in mind when you are out buying nursing bras.

Once you’re a pro at undoing your bra with one hand, you will be more confident about doing it in public, not too mentioned looking effortless smooth while doing so!

5. Turn Away To Latch. 

Most skin is likely to be revealed when the baby is first latching on.

Let’s say you are sitting in a restaurant booth but still visible to others.

Before you latch the baby, you can try turning completely facing the wall.

Latch your baby in this position, then turn back facing the table and your dining companions.

You can do the same if you need to unlatch the baby. 

6. Consider Covering Up

If you feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, you may want to cover your baby and breast with a blanket or an available cover-up.

Make sure to practice it at home because many babies dislike having a blanket over their heads while nursing and might pull it off or make a fuss.

However, you still need to do the “turn away to latch” with your baby to make sure that you are doing it right! 

7. Make Sure To Smile!

If you notice someone is staring at your direction (oh there will be) and showing a frown or horrified look, smile at them!

You know you are doing duty as a mother for your child and that is a good thing.

If you show your confidence with a friendly smile, you may recover the situation.

So keep your head up and put those anxiety and panic at bay.

Just follow these few simple steps and you will do just fine breastfeeding in public.

Happy breastfeeding!

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