Breastfeeding Tips: Blocked Ducts No More

Milk Not Coming Out?

Your Milk Ducts Might Be Plugged!

Blocked or plugged ducts are a condition where a blockage in milk ducts resulting in poor or insufficient drainage of the duct.

When milk builds up, the concentration of pressure in the duct may lead to discomfort or may form a lump in the breast.

Here are some ways for nursing mommies to manage their blocked duct.

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1. Empty Your Breast Regularly

To prevent a blocked duct from occurring, you would need to feed your baby frequently and make a plan to pump if you missed your feeding time.

The lactation counselor can help you to correct if there are any issues regarding breastfeeding.

You also can consult your doctor if you suspect any major feeding issues.

2. Avoid Pressure On Your Chest

Avoid using underwire bra while lactating and use comfortable clothes.

Always be aware of your lying position to breastfeed because it may cause pressure on your breast for a long period.

3. Contact A Lactation Consultant

A lactation counselor can help you to correct any issues with positioning or latching that affect your baby’s ability to empty your breast efficiently and preventing blocked duct.

If your milk ducts are already clogged, a lactation consultant can help you get back on track with breastfeeding.

4. Applying Heat

Massage the blocked area in a hot shower before.

Mom can have your sweet time and this is the time for you to tell your partner to take care of the baby while you care for your blocked duct.

Spend a few minutes alone!

You can apply a warm compress onto your breast and you may switch to cold between feeding to reduce the pain and swelling.

In this day and age, there are many available products such as thermal pads that you can use.

Here is a example of a thermal pad made specifically for the breast. Shapee’s Breast Therapy Thermal Pad

Pro tips: To prevent blocked ducts to occur again, you may apply hot compression before you start breastfeeding or pumping. It’s proven that hot therapy encourages let-down and stimulates milk flow.

5. Rest Up And Eat Well

You will be at your best if you can take care of yourself, too.

Make up some time to rest and eat a proper meal.

This is the time for you to call out your friends and family that has offered their help when your bundle of joy arrived!

You can cuddle with your baby to spend some quality time to rest and nurse them.

May these tips help you in your nursing journey mommies!

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