Child Restraining System (CRS)

Be The Responsible Parent.

A child safety seat is a necessity for every family car that have small children.

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Although the mandatory law for a CRS has been delayed indefinitely by the government of Malaysia, as parents, do we need to wait for a fine to be imposed before we think to consider the safety of our children?

A CRS consists of baby seats, infant safety seats, and booster seats.

These seats are specifically designed to protect children from severe and fatal injuries if a car collision should happen.

Now, you do not need to spend your money buying an expensive child safety seat thinking it would be safer.

Just check for these labels when you are out browsing for a child safety seat to ensure that the seat meets the safety standard.

First thing you have to know while buying a child safety seat is to make note of your child’s size; their height and weight.

If you buy an infant seat that is either too big or too small for your child, the seat would not be able to carry out what it was made to do.

So, the first step of buying a good safety seat for your child is to know the size of the one that would be using it.

Second thing is to make sure the CRS that you are buying have either the R120 or the UNECE R44/04 tags or stickers on them.

Having this label means that the CRS is approved and upheld the standards for safety made by the UN.

If the baby seat you bought does not have this sticker or the label is tagged ECE R44/01-03, it means that it is outdated and its safety functions may have outlived its use.

Apart from the two labels above, other stickers are actually illegal to be used.

This is something to make note of especially if you are thinking of buying or using a used baby seat.

The table above shows the difference between the two labels.

For more information on these, you may check out this website: cpsmalaysia.org

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