PREGNANCY WEEK 37: Almost There!

Early Term Delivery

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It is almost full-term but if your baby arrives within this week, it is considered early term and your baby is safe for delivery.

If your baby is not planning to come out yet, your baby is probably giving its facial muscles a workout.

Its digestive system continues to develop and will continue  even after birth.

Brace For Contractions.

You may feel more Braxton Hick’s contractions this week as your baby’s arrival nears.

Take note of the contractions you may feel because it may be the real thing now that you are in your 37th week.

You may also experience more intense mood swings.

In some cases, your mucus plug may come out.

Mucus plug is a tissue that blocks your cervix to protect your pregnancy from infections.

Get Adequate Calcium

Calcium is a necessary nutrient to make sure the strength of your bones is maintained.

Apart from that, calcium aids in heart, muscle, and nerve functions.

Cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure can also be prevented with adequate amount of calcium daily.

Calcium is also important for your baby’s bone and teeth development.

Most dairy foods are high in calcium.

Spinach, okras, sardines, and pilchards are also high in Calcium.

If you like Ilao IIao, you will like this recipe!

Meal Prepping Ahead

If you don’t have anyone to help you prepare food for your postpartum recovery, you can take this time to prepare and freeze some meals that you can heat up later.

Although, we recommend mothers to eat freshly cooked food, we understand that not everyone has the time and resources for it.

What To Expect?

Look out for real labour contractions.

Labour contractions have regular frequencies, and gradually becomes stronger and stronger as you are nearing the birth.

There are two stages of labour: early labour and active labour.

Some women may experience early labour up to days.

Early labour is when your body is contracting in order to get your baby and cervix ready for delivery.

Active labour is when your cervix is opening up.

You may see your doctor check the measurement of your opening.

This may take about 4 to 6 hours.

Contractions may come after your water breaks.

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