PREGNANCY WEEK 40: Last Week Or Not?

Soft Skull For Ease of Delivery.

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The baby’s development has completed but the hair and nails of your baby will continue to grow like how it will keep growing once it is born.

The baby’s soft skull will remain as soft because her brain is still growing.

The softness of the skull will help during the delivery, especially vaginal delivery.

Contractions and Labour.

In week 40, you might want to watch out for the contraction.

If you have been experiencing contractions before it could be a braxton hicks’ contraction and not the real labour contractions.

Birth contractions often occur after your water breaks, and the pain comes in longer frequencies but increasing in pain over time.

By this time you should make your to the hospital so your doctor can check your pelvis opening and prepare for the delivery.

Keep An Eye On The Fibres.

Fibre can help to regulate your bowel movements and health.

It lowers your cholesterol levels and balances your blood sugar levels.

A healthy digestive system during pregnancy helps to ease your bowel movements.

Constipation is painful and often a major discomfort especially if you are pregnant.

It is best to avoid it and that is why sufficient amount of fibre in diet is recommended during pregnancy.

Fibres can be found mainly in plant-based foods like fruits, peas, beans, nuts, seeds, and wholegrains.

Here is recipe that we think all Malaysian enjoys eating!

Practice Breathing Techniques.

Breathing techniques. There are some breathing techniques that you can learn that may be useful during your labour.

Applying the right breathing techniques can help you manage the pain during contractions and delivery.

Breathing properly also allows your body to relax.

Types of breathing techniques:

1. Slow

Take deep breath as you count to a number – any number. Exhale slowly and relax your body as you do it. Breathing slowly is best applied during early labour contractions.

2. Fast

Take quick short inhalations and exhalations. Breathe like you are panting. During active labour, your contractions will be great. Ease your pain by taking breaths in between contractions.

3. Expulsive

Use expulsive breathing when you are close to delivering your baby. Take several short breaths then exhale with a loud sigh. When you are delivering your baby, if you use this technique, you can push your baby out as you exhale.

Having Concerns?

If your baby is not arriving within this week, it is okay.

Your pregnancy might be a late term pregnancy which means your baby comes out after the normal 40-week term.

Don’t lose sleep over it.

Instead, discuss the matter with your doctor.

The doctor will do a check-up on your baby to see its position and development.

Chances are, your doctor are going to induce labour to help quicken your baby’s arrival.

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