PREGNANCY WEEK 36: It’s 9 Months!

Baby Is Moving Downwards.

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Your baby may be born any day now.

Although a normal birth usually takes place in the 38th to 42nd week.

Its ear is now more sensitive to hearing as the baby’s brain and nervous system is maturing and it is maturing really fast.

Also during this week, the baby is shedding its lanugo which are fine hairs on its body that helps to regulate the baby’s body temperature.

At the same time it is also shedding the vernix caseosa which is the white fatty layer that covers and protects the baby.

These substances will be eaten and process by your baby and will become your baby’s first stool after the baby is born.

Your baby may also start to move down towards your pelvis if not, it is nothing to worry about.

Breathing Is Easier But Walking Is Harder Now

There will be an increased pressure in your lower abdomen as your baby is going into birthing position and is slowly going down to your pelvis.

Your breathing may feel easier now, but your walking has become harder and uncomfortable.

Additionally, you may feel the need to frequent the toilet more often now because the womb that is coming down to pelvis now presses against bladder.

Iron For Oxygen!

Iron is an element needed for the production of red blood cells as it helps to carry oxygen throughout the body.

Your body during pregnancy has an increased demand for red blood cell therefore in order to meet the demand, your pregnant body will need a lot of iron.

The optimum intake of iron for a pregnant woman is about 27 mg per day.

Iron can be found the most in red meat, beans, and dark green leafy vegetables.

Mushroom is also a good source of Iron, try this!

Discuss your fears.

It is important for the mother to release all unnecessary thoughts and worries in order to relax.

There is probably a lot of questions in your mind right now.

Questions that may keep you up at night, about your baby and the coming birth.

So, don’t be afraid to let your fears be known.

You can ask your doctor about it.

Discuss what is the best course of action for your worries.

Delivery Preparation.

Teach yourself labour positions.

When in early labour, you will be in great discomfort and pain as the contractions became stronger and stronger.

Learn about the many positions you do to relief abit of the discomfort while you wait for your pelvis to open up.

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