PREGNANCY WEEK 34: Sending Signals

Lullabies For My Baby

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By this time, your baby would have recognized your voice because its ear is now mature enough to be able to send signals to its brain.

If you had been singing some songs to your womb, chances are your baby is going to recognize it too after birth and those song may sooth her.

Your Baby Is Causing You Heartburn And Indigestion.

Heartburn and indigestion is a common issue throughout pregnancy but in the third semester, the effect may increase because your baby is growing and it cause some pressure to your stomach.

As your womb size grow, it presses against your stomach which then cause the stomach acid to rise.

This is what causing your heartburn and indigestions.

Iodine For Thyroid Health.

Naturally, iodine improves thyroid health, managing overactive thyroid gland and thyroid cancer.

Iodine is also known to improve cognitive function.

During pregnancy, iodine is used by the body to make thyroid hormones for both the mother and baby.

Thyroid hormones help to manage the baby’s brain and nervous system growth and development.

It also boosts baby’s birth weight.

Seaweed has the highest content of iodine.

Shrimp, cod, and tuna are also rich in iodine.

Is Your Baby Covered Yet?

You have learned to care and protect your baby.

It is time to update that insurance plan.

If you don’t have you, you better make one now.

If you already have an insurance plan, now is the right time to inform your insurance company about the new and coming addition to your family.

The insurance will start to cover the baby’s medical expenses as soon as the baby is born.

It is also good to see other health plans that your insurance company may offer which will be best for your new family health care.

Tips for Dads

In this third trimester, the mother is mostly anxious and in a lot of discomfort.

So at this stage of the pregnancy, the best thing the father could do to support her is to comfort her.

You may even massage her to relieve some back aches that she may be having.

Another thing you could do is to have a plan on what to do when the mother when into labour.

Make sure you know where the necessary items when you have to go to the hospital quickly.

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