PREGNANCY WEEK 33: Time For Brain

Brain Time!

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The baby’s brain is developing rapidly during this week.

The senses of your baby will be stimulated after birth which will trigger a boost for brain growth.

The baby is also increasing in size and weight which means your baby is getting chubbier.

Also note that the plates that made up the baby’s skull is not yet fused permanently that is why a new-born baby’s skull is soft.

The flexibility of its skull remains that way as to make way for its rapidly growing brain.

If the baby is a boy, the testicles would already be in place in the scrotum.

Though there are some cases where not both of the testicles had descended into the scrotum.

Unless your baby boy is premature or has a low birth weight, the baby’s testicle should descend in a few months after birth.

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Are You Leaking Milk?

Your breasts are beginning to lactate and your milk begin to leak.

The milk that is leaking is called colostrum and is the first type milk you produce where the nutrients are more concentrated than the milk you will start to produce after your baby is born.

Consult your doctor to know whether you should save or not the colostrum milk.

Keep Taking Folic Acid.

We hope you did not stop taking your folic acid.

Folic acid or also known as folate and vitamin B9, are essential nutrients to have throughout your pregnancy even before conception.

In the third trimester, folate is necessary as your baby is growing more rapidly now.

This vitamin can help to prevent anaemia as it aids the body in cell growth and red blood cell production.

Foods that are high in folic acid are broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, spinach, peas, and kidney beans.

You only need about 0.4 mg of folate each day.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for you to try for your daily folate source.

Baby-Ready The Car!

You might need help from your partner for this one.

It is time to prep the ride.

By prepping the ride, we meant the car.

It is time to get the car clean and baby friendly.

It is also best to install the baby seat by now to make it easier for both you and your partner.

Make sure the baby seat that you bought is approved and follows the R129 or the ECE R44 standards.

What is the R129 and ECE R44 standards? Read here.

Delivery Preparation

Your due date is coming closer and closer.

You have prepared your bag, but your mind keeps worrying if you had missed something?

Here is a checklist of all the necessary items you’d need during your delivery.

Other than the materialistic preparation, you need also to prepare your mind and body.

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