PREGNANCY WEEK 32: Getting Into Position

Hair? Check! Nails? Check! Lungs? Almost there, mommy!

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The lungs of the baby are developing and will continue to develop until it is time for birth.

The fingernails of your baby are fully formed by now so does its toenails.

Its hair has grown thicker too.

By this week, your baby should be preparing for its birth, meaning that your baby is in the position or is on the way towards the birthing position which is its head should be in downright position.

Your Baby Is About The Same Size As  A Squash.
Your Baby Is About The Same Size As A Squash.

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Contractions? Already??

In this week you may experience Braxton Hick’s contractions.

Braxton Hick’s contraction is not to be considered as labor contractions.

This contraction, or a feeling of tightness at the lower belly, usually come as a surprise and later would go away whereas labor contractions comes more frequently and gets stronger in time.

Protein Diet.

Protein helps the body to increase muscle mass and strengths, reduces appetite and hunger levels, lowers blood pressure, and maintain weight loss.

For pregnancy, protein helps in the baby’s growth, aids making antibodies and hormones and enzymes.

Protein is abundant in leans meats, eggs, dairy products, and even seafoods like prawns, crab, lobster, and scallops.

Here is a recipe that may trigger your cravings!

Prepare For Baby Care.

If you have learned about breastfeeding, you can start learning about how to take care of your new-born maybe.

Your new-born is still soft and fragile.

The bones of your baby are still going through hardening process, so they need proper handling.

It is also a good idea to get some tips and tricks on how to calm the baby in case you might need it later.

Just Keep Swimming.. Just Keep Swimming..

Swimming is a good exercise that you can do while in your third trimester.

Swimming help relieve some back ache because the pressure of your pregnancy weight is transferred to the water.

So, grab some friends and chill in the pool with a glass of juice this week!

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