PREGNANCY WEEK 30: Gaining Weights

Gaining Weight Is Your Baby’s Main Priority As Its Arrival Nears.

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In this week and future week, your baby will continue to develop its weight.

Your baby’s immune system is keeping infections at bay.

Its eyesight has developed and is still developing.

It will react to bright light if you flash it towards your baby.

The amniotic fluid level increases as your grow.

Your baby is about the size of a head of cabbage.

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Your Baby’s Growth Is Putting Pressure On Your Body

You will start to feel discomfort to the point where you find it difficult to find a comfortable position where you can sleep peacefully.

Increase bladder activity is also reasons keeping you up at night.

Choline Reduces Neural Tube Defects and Increase Memory Functions.

Essential nutrient of the week is Choline.

Choline supports the body by aiding cellular growth and the body’s metabolism.

In pregnancy, Choline helps in fetal growth and development by reducing risks of neural tube defects and memory functions.

Choline can be found abundant in eggs, fish, nuts, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Lean chicken breast is also a good source for this nutrient.

You might want to try this recipe at home for your daily dose of Choline.

Learning About Breastfeeding.

During this final stage, you should gear up on some knowledge.

This week, why not take some time to learn about breast feeding: the how, why, what?

Learning about breastfeeding is more than just technique.

You may equip yourself with knowledge of food that helps you with lactation and more.

You could also learn about the tools used in breastfeeding that you may purchase and use.

How To Sleep Soundly.

You might have read about sleeping on your back or sides during pregnancy and what it could effect.

Having enough sleep is crucial for pregnant mothers to avoid fatigue which could cause many other issues and complications such as preeclampsia or depression.

If different sleeping positions does not help you to get that rest, you can try purchasing pregnancy pillows.

There are a variety of designs to choose from online.

Choose one that helps you sleep comfortably while giving support to your body.

Propping up pillows or sleeping in a recliner are some ways that you can try.

There are many reasons why you are having difficulties in sleeping apart from physical comfort and hormonal changes.

Especially now that you are in the third trimester, many thoughts and worries passes through your mind which are common causes for sleep problems.

Consult your doctor about this if it is getting more troublesome.

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