PREGNANCY WEEK 27: Eye Opening

Baby Is Doing Eye Movements

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Your baby would be opening its eyes for the first time this week.

Its eyelids will flutter as it sleeps.

You will probably be noticed that your baby may even have regular sleeping patterns by now.

When asleep, your baby will be still with the occasionally twitching of its body but when the baby is awake, it will be actively moving and flexing its body and limbs.

Restless Leg And More Hair?

Due to the increase of androgen hormones, your facial and body hair grow faster which may make you look more hairy than usual.

Restless leg syndrome is also prominent during this stage of the pregnancy.

Vitamin B7 For Nails, Hair, and Sugar Level.

This week let us take a look at Vitamin B7.

Another name for it is Biotin.

Biotin’s job is to aid in energy conversion.

It also increases hair and nail’s health and manages blood sugar level.

Biotin supports pregnancy by boosting your baby’s health.

Foods that are high in Biotin or Vitamin B7 content are organ meats like liver, eggs, fish, meat, seeds, sweet potatoes.

Due to high levels of Biotin may lead to miscarriage, taking supplements of it is usually not recommended.

You only need about 0.025 – 0.030 mg of this vitamin per day.

Here is a natural way to make sure you have just enough biotin.

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Birth Planning From A to Z.

It is time to plan your birth.

As you are entering your third trimester, it is the best time to plan how you want to deliver your baby.

Prepare the necessary things that you would want while you are delivering your baby and after the deliver.

Preparation like this helps to ease the panic and anxiety that comes as your due date nears.

Are You Worried About Something?

You have made it to the last week of your second trimester that means you have another 13 weeks before delivering your bundle of joy.

If you worry if your child came earlier than expected?

Is that preterm birth?

A baby can come out early or later than the due date and it is not considered preterm.

The delivery time is divided into 4 terms. A full-term pregnancy is about 39 to 40 weeks 6 days.

Some may deliver at 37 weeks, that is known as early term and some may deliver late which is known as late term (41 weeks) and post term (42 weeks).

It is important for you to have a full-term delivery as the last few weeks of pregnancy your baby’s brain is doubling in size, but late delivery may cause stillbirth as the placenta may stop functioning efficiently.

For more details, you may ask your doctor about this.

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