PREGNANCY WEEK 26: The Recognition

Is That You, Mommy?

Your baby is now able to recognize both its mommy’s and daddy’s voice.

This will later help the baby to bond quicker with its parents.

The lungs of your baby have developed its respiratory tree that will help to process air after the baby is born.

Blood vessels that will transport the oxygen and carbon dioxide are being formed around the alveoli right now.

Your baby’s taste sensory are developed 100%.

Now its teeth, specifically the incisor and canine teeth, is being developed deep within its gums.

Also during this week, baby boys’ testicles will continue to descend towards the scrotum.

Baby photo created by freepik

Is It The Weather?

You may be feeling hot lately and no it may not be the Malaysian weather.

Changes in your hormone and the increase in blood cells may make your body feel warmer.

So always remember to cool yourself down and keep yourself hydrated.

Pregnancy can also cause your skin to be more sensitive to sunlight so do not forget to put on sunscreen.

If you can avoid it, do not spend too much time outside especially during afternoon and noon hours where the sun is directly on top of our heads.

The Nutrient Of The Week Is Selenium.

Selenium helps to boosts the immune system, prevents mental decline, reduce risks of cancer and heart diseases.

For pregnancy, selenium helps in reducing TPO antibodies and the risk of thyroid function abnormalities.

TPO antibodies shows that there is an abnormality in your thyroid function that cause the antibodies to attack normal tissues.

The daily requirement of selenium is 0.06mg and selenium can be found abundant in turkey, chicken, fish, shellfish, and eggs.

Chia seed also has a high amount of selenium.

Why don’t you can try this Chia Seed dessert.

Daycare Centres, Babyitters, And Nurseries.

While you are still free and able, it is a good time to start looking for day care centres or nurseries that you can send your child to when your maternal leave is over.

You can do some research online, but it is also good to have a walk-in tour of the day care and nursery.

If you are sending them to home day cares, you might want to talk to other parents that send their children there.

Doing research on the places and people you are entrusting your child should be the duty of every parent.

What To Expect In Your Third Trimester.

As you are getting closer to your due date, you can expect to experience an increase in tightness of your abdomen, backaches, shortness of breath, heartburn, spider veins, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, and frequent urination.

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