PREGNANCY WEEK 22: Eyeballs Formation

Mama, I Can WeeWee Now.

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The baby’s eyeballs are formed but her irises are still under development.

Your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid, giving her digestive system a little work out.

Your baby will also start to excrete.

Its excretion will travel through the placenta into your body where it will be processed to be expel.

Yes, your body is processing excretion for the both of you.

If your baby is a girl, her mammary glands are being developed within this week.

In the other hand if it is a boy, his testes would start to move to his scrotum from his pelvis.

Two words: Pregnancy. Glow.

At 22 weeks, your skin will look more radiant than usual as your body retains more moisture and the blood supply in your body has also increase.

Your hair is also thicker thanks to the extra oestrogen in your system.

More Protein, More Energy!

Halfway past your pregnancy, you will need more energy.

Your baby also needs more energy to grow bigger and stronger.

Protein is an excellent source for energy.

Additionally, protein also acts as building blocks for bones, muscles, skin, blood, enzymes, hormones, and more in our body.

Pregnancy would require you consume about 75 to 100 mg of protein every day to support the baby’s growth especially in the second and third semester.

Foods high in protein are lean meats like lamb and veal, poultry like chicken, turkey, duck, fish and seafood like prawns, crab, and lobster, dairy products like milk and yoghurt.

Try this Malaysian dish for some protein in your diet.

Why You Should Sleep On Your Side While Pregnant?

It is a good time to start sleeping on your side as it can help prevent from back aches and ensures you have a good night’s rest.

Sleeping on your stomach or back are not recommended for pregnant mothers in the second or third trimester.

Contrary to popular belief sleeping on your stomach will not harm your baby thanks to your uterus wall protecting the baby but for some it may be uncomfortable or impossible to do so.

Back sleeping is best avoided when you are in your third semester as sleeping in that position can put pressure onto the blood vessels supplying oxygen to your baby.

Despite all the above, experts says there is not much evidence that sleeping on your back or stomach will harm your baby in the long term so sleep in whatever way you are most comfortable in order to get that much needed rest.

Tips For Better Sleep:

  1. Sleeping on your left side can maximize blood flow to the uterus but you can also sleep on your right side.
  2. You can put a pillow or a bolster between your knees to relief hip or back pain.
  3. Stacking pillows underneath you to alleviate your upper body is said to help with heartburn.
  4. Putting your legs up on a pillow can help to reduce leg pain and swelling.
  5. Using some pillow for back support when you sleep is also a good idea.
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