PREGNANCY WEEK 24: 6 Months Milestone!

Stronger Kicks. Hiyaak!

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Your baby’s kicks are getting more stronger as it grows.

The baby’s brain is developing fast.

Your baby is also practicing her facial expressions inside your womb.

At this point of development, your baby’s lungs have developed enough for it to have a higher change of survival if a premature birth were to happen.

Your baby is as big and heavy as a cantaloupe.

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Streeeeetchhh Mark!

You can see the stretch mark on your skin emerging.

Not just on your belly but some people may experience stretchmark on your backside and breast too.

Stretchmarks can be itchy so keep your skin moisturized to prevent discomfort.

Vitamin E For You and Baby.

Vitamin E has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps to prevent heart diseases and cancer.

Vitamin E also boosts your immune system and cell regeneration.

Pregnant women are recommended to take about 3 mg of Vitamin E per day.

Upper intake level would be around 22 to 30 mg per day.

Taking enough Vitamin can help protect you from getting sick especially with a little one on the way.

Snacking on sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, or hazelnuts is a good way to get some vitamin E into your system.

You can also try cooking this Malay dish at home.

Pumpkin used in this dish is also high in Vitamin E.

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Make a list of things to buy.

You are now nearing your third trimester.

It is time to make a list of baby items or furniture that you would need or want for your baby.

Making a list helps you prepare for D-Day more thoroughly.

Making a list of items can be helpful for when you want to make a baby shower.

You could ask your friends and families for some of the items.

Stretching Helps Relieve Pressure Off Your Diaphragm And Ribs.

Mermaid Stretch

1. Sit on the floor with both of your leg folded to the right.

2. Inhale as you raise your left arm straight, reaching for the sky (ceiling) and then side bend your torso to the right. Your left side should feel stretched.

3. Hold this position as you inhale deeply four times.

4. Do this set if your feel discomfort on your left side. Change the sides if the aches come from the other side. Start doing both sides to prevent future soreness.

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