PREGNANCY WEEK 21: The Pattern

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Skin, Hair, and Activities In The Womb!

Capillaries are being form underneath the baby’s skin, making the skin appear darker and less transparent.

Facial hairs like the eyebrow are becoming thicker and more obvious.

You will be able to feel more and more of your baby’s movements.

Your baby also has its own activity pattern that you can discover.

In the previous weeks, the placenta was bigger than your baby as it continues to nourish your baby but now, the size of your baby is becoming bigger than the placenta.

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Why Am I So Clumsy Now?

Clumsiness of pregnant mothers are something that almost everyone goes through as you are adjusting to your new size and centre of gravity.

Not to mention that your ligaments are more loose now and there is a reduction of your muscle coordination.

So pace your steps slow and cautiously.

Phosphorus: For Energy, Teeth, Tissues, DNA, And More..

Phosphorus helps your body build strong teeth, manage how your body’s energy consumption, grow, maintain, and repair tissue and cells.

Phosphorus also aids in DNA and RNA production.

For pregnancy, phosphorus is important for muscle movements, blood clotting, kidney and nerve function, and repair of tissues.

Everyday, a pregnant woman would need about 700 mg of phosphorus to meet the demand.

Phosphorus can be found in red meats, poultry, fishes, dairy products, and more.

Here is a recipe that you can try at home for your daily serving of Phosphorus.

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Mommy, I Want To Eat This!

Satisfy those cravings!

There is no harm is sating your pregnancy cravings as long as you do not over-indulge yourself.

However, there are some foods that pregnant mommies need to stay away from.

Unpasteurized dairy products, caffeine, raw or undercooked meats and eggs are a no-no.

More Exercise? Why Not?

Side-lying Leg Lifts

1. Lie on your right side with both knees bent. Knees parallel to your body.

2. Lift your right side off the floor to make some space between you and the floor and prop your right arm up for support.

3. Lift and straighten your left leg. Rest the leg slightly in front of you.

4. Lift your leg as you exhale and then inhale as you put it back down. The span of your lift should be three seconds. That would be 1 set.

5. Repeat 8 to 15 times of 2 sets for each side.

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