PREGNANCY WEEK 17: Increasing Demands

Mama, I Need More Nutrients and Oxygens Now!

The baby’s fingerprints and hearing are developing further.

Its head is now proportion to its body.

Inside the body, the skeleton continues to harden and the umbilical cord become thicker and stronger as your baby grows and is calling for more supply of nutrients and oxygens.

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What’s This Line On My Belly?

The linea nigra or a dark line down the centre of your abdomen may appear within this week.

It is a common effect of pregnancy where the pigmentation of your skin is gathered due to the muscles getting stretch.

Your nipples and areola are getting darker as well as more blood is being supplied to your breasts.

It’s Time For More Calcium!

Taking calcium during this stage of your pregnancy is also good as your baby is trying to harden its bones.

Throughout this trimester and the next, your baby will need a lot of calcium and if it does not get adequate amount, your baby will start leaching of the calcium that is stored in your cells which later may lead to you having osteoporosis.

So make sure you have 1000 mg of Calcium in your diet every day.

Here is a light meal that you can try that gives you the calcium intake that you need.

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Pamper Your Belly With Some Skin Care!

From now on, your belly is going to grow bigger.

Your skin will begin to stretch.

In order to reduce the itchiness that comes with stretch marks, you can start moisturising your belly from now.

Make sure you use lotion that is suitable with your condition.

You do not want to use fragrant lotion that makes you nausea.

Keep Staying Fit, Mommies!

Incline push-ups

1. Stand facing a ledge or railing and place your hands on its surface, shoulder-width apart.

2. With your hands still in place, step back until you are in a standing plank position. Make sure your back is straight.

3. Bend your arms to slowly lower your chest towards the support.

4. Return to start position. That is one set.

5. Repeat 10 to 12 times of 2 sets.

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