PREGNANCY WEEK 16: Growth Spurt

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger!

The baby in this month will go through a massive growth spurt in the next three weeks, more than doubling its weight.

As the size of your child grows, so does the placenta, which helps to support and nourish the fetus.

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The neck muscles and spine of your baby are stronger now, meaning that its head is more upright.

Now its grip may also have developed enough to be able to hold its small hands together.

The scalp pattern is beginning to form on the top of your baby’s head.

Under your baby’s nose, a groove called the philtrum begins to appear, giving its top lip its distinctive Cupid’s bow shape.

The circulatory system of your baby is working completely now.

The baby’s body receives 24 litres of blood every day from its heart.

Oh Baby Baby..

As your baby is rapidly growing in size, you may start to feel some bad aches or pelvic pain which is also known as pelvic girdle pain (PGP).

PGP is cause by your hormones loosening some ligaments in your pelvic floor.

If standing or sitting down for a long time becomes difficult or even painful, do consult your doctor about it because unless treated early, the PGP is only going to get worse as you progress through your pregnancy.

Zinc For Your Immune System.

In your 16th week of pregnancy, zinc is a good nutrient to be consumed whether synthetically through supplement intake or naturally through food.

A good dose of zinc is at 11 mg per day for a pregnant woman.

One of the benefits of zinc is that it helps in regulating the immune system.

So for pregnancy, zinc can help to lower the chances of you getting maternal infections or reducing the severity of it.

Beans, nuts, and seafood like crab and lobster are good source of zinc. Here is a recipe that you try at home.

What’s Your Baby’s Name?

You can start thinking of names for your baby.

If you still do not know what to name your baby.

Make a list of the names that you and your partner like.

You can research the meanings for the names.

You do not have to make the decision right away, but it is always nice to have a list of short-listed names you can choose from.

In Malaysia, you will have 60 days to register your child’s birth.

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