PREGNANCY WEEK 15: Hearing Abilities

As your baby begins to gain weight, it also starts to refine all the organs inside of its body.

At the same time, your baby also starts to practice its natural skills.

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I Can Hear Your Heart Beat

The respiration and digestive processes of your baby are getting more advanced.

To breathe in amniotic fluid, which is good preparation for his improving lungs, he uses his swallowing and sucking skills.

The baby’s bones are hardening, and the growth of its muscle tissue begins.

With better muscles and sturdier bones in its back, it can straighten more today.

Every day, its legs, which are still short, is growing longer.

Your baby’s hearing abilities have also developed, and it should be able to hear the beatings of your heart.

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More Discharge, Observe For Changes

You may experience more vaginal discharge as the blood supply in your vagina, cervix, and womb has increase.

While vaginal discharge is common during pregnancy, a change in the colour and consistency of the discharge may be signs of vaginal infection.

So, always make sure to check your discharges and consult your doctor when there is any irregularities.

The Sun Can Also Provide This Vitamin!

As Vitamin D helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus in your body, it is a good idea to continue taking good amount of it.

The vitamin can also help to prevent preeclampsia, small birth weight, and preterm birth.

Vitamin D is abundant in salmon, red meat, egg yolks, mackerel, and many more.

As an expecting mother, you would only need 0.015 mg of Vitamin D daily.

Here is a recipe that you can try.

Keep A Close Eye On The Weight Gain.

It is common knowledge to associate pregnancy with weight gain.

It is something unavoidable.

Gaining weight is necessary for a healthy development of the baby, otherwise you can put your baby at risk for low-weight birth and other developmental issues.

But in order to make sure it is easier for you to lose all that extra pounds after delivery, one must make a habit of tracking your weight gain.

Get a book to jot down your weight every week.

Tracking your weight gain can help you detect whether you are gaining enough weight for your pregnancy.

“Hey Honey, Come Do This With Me!”

By the second trimester, the mother’s early pregnancy symptom will be cleared, and her belly is getting bigger.

You will also notice that she might start eating more as pregnancy makes you hungry quickly.

Best thing for a father to do in order to support the mother’s pregnancy journey is to do things together with her.

For instance, you can do exercises together.

Work on those biceps that will help you to carry your future child in your arms.

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