PREGNANCY WEEK 13: The Details.

It’s The Last Week of The Trimester, Yay!

The swirl patterns at the fingertips, fingerprints, are now being developed.

The genitals of your baby have formed.

Your baby has learned a new skill which is to suck. It may begin to suck the amniotic fluid or even its thumb.

The baby’s intestines have also developed and is in the correct position in its body.

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Baby Bump Coming Soon!

It is now the first week of your fourth month of pregnancy and you are in the last week of your first trimester.

Your uterus is growing steadily and in a few weeks’ time, you will be able to observe a baby bump!

Your early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sore breasts are fading away.

The growing baby inside of you will put strains on your back and pelvis so you better be prepared.

Hydration Is Key For Smooth Pregnancy.

Keep yourself hydrated! Your baby is growing and so does its needs.

Water is an essential part of the human diet but when you are pregnant, you will be needing more of it.

Water will not only help in preventing constipation, but it is also needed for amniotic fluid, red blood cells production, formation of new tissues, and to carry nutrients.

Be sure to drink about 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day for a smooth pregnancy but if you are tired of plain old H2o then why not try this simple drink that is delicious and healthy and most importantly keeps you hydrated.

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Postpartum Depression: How To Prevent It?

As you progress through your pregnancy, you might have to overcome some emotional changes.

It is time to start educating yourself again but this time on postpartum depression and also if you are someone who tends to overthink and have anxiety, it is good to learn how to cope it.

Tell your doctor if you feel like you have symptoms of anxiety or depression.

It is wise to also consult your doctor about antidepressants intake since not all antidepressant are safe for pregnant woman.

What To Expect In 2nd Trimester?

Now that you are at the gates of your second trimester, you might wonder what to expect in the coming months.

  1. Well, firstly, your belly and breast will continue to grow in size.
  2. Secondly, you are still going through hormonal changes which means it can cause a lot of issues such as skin issues, nasal issues, and dental issues. You might also start to get leg cramps.

The second trimester should be much smoother with less or none of the morning sickness. Your baby’s duty in the from now on is to grow bigger and stronger while refining all the little details of its body so expect for an increase in demand especially food!

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