PREGNANCY WEEK 11: The Systems

Veins and Arteries, Nails and Teeth

The features of the baby become more prominent like its mouth and nose.

At this week, the baby’s nervous system and blood circulatory system is being developed, spreading all over the baby’s body.

At the same time, the teeth are being formed inside the mouth.

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Your baby’s fingernails are also starting to be developed on the baby’s tiny fingers and toes.

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Can’t Control My Bladder!

You would still have all the common symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness, but you may also start to experience additional problems such as incontinence.

Your baby bump is still none-existent, but don’t worry, you’ll have it in no time!

Starting from this week, there will be an increase of bloating, burping, and farting, so try to avoid eating foods or drinks that gives you gas.

Nutrient: Vitamin B3

The nutrient of the week is Vitamin B3 or also known as Niacin!

Niacin helps the body to control cholesterol levels, prevent heart diseases, and boost brain function.

For your baby, this vitamin aids in its development and prevent birth defects.

Experts advised, however, that there is no necessary need to take extra amount of Niacin unless you have a deficiency of it.

The daily dose of Niacin is 18 to 35 mg per day for a pregnant woman.

Even though it is advised not to take supplements of Vitamin B3, you can still take it naturally through the foods you eat.

Foods like anchovies, peanuts, chicken breast, and liver are a good source of Vitamin B3.

Here is a meal that can provide you with adequate amount of Niacin for your daily needs.

Putting A Date For The Baby’s Arrival.

You may now do a dating scan at your healthcare provider to estimate your due date.

Dating scan also lets you see your baby for the first time.

You can opt for nuchal translucency scan to screen for Down’s syndrome and it can be done at the same time as your dating scan though it may take some time for you to receive the results of the nuchal translucency scan.

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