PREGNANCY WEEK 10: Onto Fetal Stage!

Your Embryo Is Now A Fetus.

Photo created by valuavitaly

How your baby looks like at 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Baby vector created by macrovector

In this week, the embryo moves from its embryonic stage into a new stage known as the fetal stage.

Crossing into the new stage means that almost all of the vital organs and limbs had been formed.

Now is the process of honing the features and growing in size and strength.

Also in this week, the placenta has fully developed which means that it now takes on 100% of its role transporting oxygen, nourishments, carbon dioxide, and waste to and from the mother and baby.

Your baby’s size is now about the size of a Kumquat. In the picture above, Kumquat is the oblong-shaped citrus fruit.

Photo created by KamranAydinov

The World Is Spinning.

You are more prone to dizziness during this week due to your pregnancy hormones so it is best to take things slowly especially like getting out of bed or simply standing up from sitting down.

Say No To Constipation!

Now that, the baby is growing bigger and stronger, you will need feel hungry faster.

Fibre can help you there! Fibre helps fill up your tummy without you having to go over your daily calorie intake.

At the same time, fibre also helps you in digestion, lowers your cholesterol level and help in regulating blood sugar levels.

It is advised that a pregnant mother avoid constipation.

Constipation can cause serious medical problems such as haemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, and rectal fissures but it will not affect your baby.

For your own health, it is best to take note of your daily fibre intake.

An expecting mother is required to have 25 to 35 mg of fibre in her diet.

Dark chocolate and roasted sweet potatoes are great snacking food that are also high in fibre.

Time To Meet The Doctor!

Now is the perfect time to book for an appointment.

As your baby is now entering a more stable stage of the pregnancy, it is best to get some proper advice from your doctor.

Get to know about your condition and if you have any question regarding your pregnancy, just shoot your Qs to your doctor!

Pregnant Woman Are More Vulnerable to UTI.

As a result of stretching and strain from the rising uterus, certain women will feel round ligament pain.

The pain may be dull or sharp.

You should speak to a healthcare provider to rule out any factors if it is serious.

There is also a higher risk of contracting urinary tract infections (UTIs).

If you feel a burning sensation when you pee or increase urgency to pee but only pee a wee bit, you might need to go check up with a doctor to receive treatment.

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