PREGNANCY WEEK 9: The Eyes, Nose, and Lips

Fingers, Eyes and Ears Formed

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Your baby’s heart would be almost fully developed with the four chambers been formed.

The arms and legs of the embryo had already shaped the baby’s hands and feet with its fingers only beginning to sprout.

The facial features of your baby have also become more recognizable especially the eyes and ears.

Also in this week, the nerves of its brain are starting to connect.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms Still There

Morning sickness and fatigue are still ongoing.

Emotionally, you may feel bit under-the-weather as the pregnancy is causing feelings of nausea and vomiting, not to mention the increase frequency to go to the toilet.

Headaches are a common symptom to within this week.

From the outside, there is not much changes to your body.

Prevent Neural Tube Defects with Vitamin B12.

This week’s nutrient to make note of is Vitamin B12 or otherwise known as Cobalamin.

Cobalamin is a water-soluble vitamin that helps in producing energy for the cells in our body.

This vitamin is also used in DNA and RNA production.

For pregnancy, Vitamin B12 is essential for neural tube formation and also brain development of the baby.

Neural tube defects usually affect the brain, spine, or spinal cord.

These defects are due to the neural tube not developed properly.

Photo source.

So it is important to have adequate amount of Vitamin B12 during pregnancy as it aids in neural tube development.

For pregnancy woman, the daily requirement is 2.6 mg per day.

This vitamin can be found abundance in shellfish such as clams, oysters, mussels or it can be found in fortified foods like fortified soymilk or cereals.

Eggs also have a high content of Vitamin B12.

Here is a simple recipe you can try at home!

What Should I do?

It is time to think about healthcare provider.

It is best to start doing research about where you want to go, not just to deliver the baby but also for check-ups and complications if any during the next 6 months of your pregnancy.

Having a place in mind is important so you can do all the preparations and planning early.

You may do research by asking your friends and family or you could do research online.

Make sure to take note of your insurance coverage as well.

If your partner is a smoker, tell them not to smoke within your vicinity.

If you are in public, and someone is smoking, walk away from them or confront them nicely.

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