Pregnancy: Everything You Need To Know

So you are planning to expand your family tree? Get ready to get busy!

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Imagine your family as a garden. With each faithful planning, you shape and design your desired garden of flowers, bushes, and trees. Tall or short, serene and colorful, of every shape and species, it all start from one tiny seed! Just like us.

Whether you are a new soon-to-be-mommy or you are planning for another ‘mini me‘, gathering information is the right step to take and you have definitely come to the right place.

We have compiled for you a concise guide full of information and tips about pregnancy based on your weekly development.

We’re talking about your baby’s development, the nutrients needed, exercises and activities that you can do and more!

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Check out:

First Trimester:

Second Trimester:

Third Trimester:

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